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Thousands have taken the route to fulfilment by teaching abroad.


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Prospective employers need to see certificates and diplomas they can trust.


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Thousands of students need Tefl trained teachers

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Certificates and Diplomas Certificates and Diplomas have to mean something, not just to the person that holds them, but also to the person or organisation that they are being offered to as proof of a persons proficiency in the subjects studied. It is because of trust in our certificates that we test all students as they progress, exams have to be completed and passed.

Do not be too daunted by the fact you will be examined, we make sure you have the correct course material and a tutor will be guiding you every step of the way..

Accreditation through partnershipAccreditation through partnership is the process by which education providers ensure that quality standards in education and training are met by all courses and training programmes on an ongoing basis.

When looking for a particular class on-line, it’s common to be concerned that it will be accepted for the purpose that you have in mind. The primary concern is generally about accreditation. Accreditation itself can make the difference between a course being acceptable or unacceptable to licensing and professional agencies. OLLS Accreditation

As you are probably aware, there has been a  rapid demand for certification that proves the abilities of a teacher to actually teach. We do offer a course in UK English Grammar if you feel you need to brush up your language skills, but our TEFL course is all about teacher’s being able to present  information professionally and in a way that their students will find interesting.

How to write course material, how to present material, how to make sure that the information you are giving your students is being absorbed by them is only a small part of the course; the courses we offer give our students the confidence to go out and teach at a professional level

  • More job opportunities exist for teachers that hold a TEFL certificate
  • Teachers with certificates have more confidence..
  • Employers know you are professional, and being suitably trained means they have confidence in you.

TEFL stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language,” also known as TESOL, which stands for Teaching English as a Second or Other Language. Both are the same and are used for the same purpose, they are just different certificates.

Many believe that TEFL courses are merely a prerequisite to teaching English abroad, but actually, a certificate will open a completely new world of education mixed with travel. There are many reasons why plenty of people have chosen to teach English abroad, not least because of the amazing experience and opportunities available. Teaching in another country will give enlightenment mixed with different cultural customs, various dialects, and seeing historical landmarks all over the world.


TEFL  –  Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Online TEFL & TESOL Courses

Earn an Accredited Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate today! Then get a job teaching English as a foreign language. TEFL Online offers internationally recognised certificates to teach English worldwide.

Jobs in worldwide locations

Take an Online TEFL Course with us and get an internationally recognised certificate that will get you a job teaching English as a foreign language! Enjoy teaching in the sun, as qualified teachers are sought worldwide.

Real students from around the world

As an on-line language school we have students from around the world, many already live and work abroad some enrolled to advance their current qualifications.

Internationally Recognised TEFL Qualifications

Choose one of our Professional Courses, which are endorsed by worldwide employers and  open the door to 1,000’s of TEFL jobs worldwide.

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Get certified and get a job teaching English as a foreign language.

eLearn eXpress offers internationally recognised certificates.

Benefits of Teaching English Abroad

Working in a foreign land can be a very fulfilling experience, particularly as an English Foreign Language teacher, whereby you will be able to help hundreds of students learn English and help them progress as you help them master an entirely new language.  

See the world and enjoy yourself whilst working.

Once you have finished teaching, you will have time to enjoy your chosen country. If you want to spend your time off as a tourist there is nothing stopping you. Teaching in another country is a great way of funding your travel in some of the most exciting places in the world, seeing the sights, enjoying fine food and absorbing the culture. 

Enjoy the rewards of a Satisfying Career

Teaching in another country, means you are able to help and make a huge difference to the lives of the people there, with your help they can themselves improve their job prospects or further their career.  Education standards in other countries may not be to the same level as in the UK, so your students will surely benefit from your skills. 

A satisfying rewarding career in a much needed field is something you can look forward to by working abroad; armed with a Tefl certificate from eLearn eXpresss that career will come quite quickly.

If you can speak English, you can teach English. If you enjoy interacting with people, what better way than as a teacher?