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Unlike some training companies, eLearn eXpress is owned by a group of TEFL teachers whom decided to travel and teach in foreign lands. Initially we all met up in 2004, as we were independently teaching English to Turkish students in Marmaris, Turkey. We decided to form our own enterprise “Learning eXpress”, and taught successfully as such; in 2009 we took the decision to expand by recruiting English speakers and training them to “Teach English as a Foreign Language”.

We all still taught English as well as training new teacher’s but in late 2013 it was decided to establish a web presence, as we were committed and passionate about what we do, it made sense to reach out to a wider audience, we already had the resources and the experience so it was the logical thing to do. The new website launched mid 2013 called “eLearn eXpress” and we are now based in Leicester UK and Marmaris Turkey.