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Grammar_Book_3dEnglish Grammar Course

English Grammar Certificate Course


Learn English Grammar with our online grammar Course, complete the course lessons, then take the exam.

Once completed you will be awarded a coveted eLearning eXpress Certificate.

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Product Description

Learn about English Grammar with our on-line grammar Course, 

Ideal for first time teachers or those that want to improve their English competence and skill, but can also be studied integral with a TEFL course for those that might need to hone their skills or as a refresher course to give a thorough grounding in the terminology and rules of grammar; also ideal for non-native English speakers.

Comprising 12 modules giving extensive instruction and information:-

A Primer covering the basics and an overview of the English Language and its structure, improving your English, homonyms, homophones and homographs, reading, listening, speaking and writing, past, present and perfect tenses, participles, gerunds, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, nouns and pro-nouns.

If you have problems with your spelling, punctuation or grammatical rules look no further, these modules were wrote with you in mind. Included with the course is a comprehensive grammar book that we normally sell separately.

Included with this course is all course materials and guides.

Complete the course lessons, then take the exam. Once completed you will be awarded a coveted eLearn eXpress Certificate.

The 12 units are:

Unit 1 – About the English Language

Unit 2 – Communication

Unit 3 – Homophones, Homonyms, and Homographs

Unit 4 – The Basics

Unit 5 – Nouns

Unit 8 – Adjectives

Unit 6 – Verbs

Unit 7 – Adverbs

Unit 9 – Participles

Unit 10 – Tenses

Unit 11 – Perfect Tenses

Unit 12 – British English v American English.